Natalie McFarland

Merchandising a Chuck Roll

In this video, Scott Mertens shows you a way you can merchandise a chuck roll to be ready to put in your case. Scott merchandises a chuck roll into Chuck Roasts, Chuck Eye Steaks, Chuck Short Ribs, Stew Meat and Ground Beef. This is just one example of a way to merchandise the chuck roll cut from Painted Hills Natural Beef.

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Dan Domenighini – New Painted Hills Natural Beef Business Development Representative

Dan Domenighini took the title of business development representative for Painted Hills Natural Beef on May 1, 2022. He is replacing former business development representative Pat Ansboury, who is now the general manager at Corfini Gourmet in Seattle, WA. Dan grew up on his sister and brother-in-law’s Green Pond Cattle Ranch in Ferndale, CA. Dan went to college obtaining his Ag Business Management degree and started working for Production Credit in 1979. In 1994 Dan and his partner Thom bought the Hashknife Cattle Ranch located near Mitchell, OR. In 1996 after beef prices had dropped Dan and Thom decided over dinner one night that instead of selling the cattle “straight off the hoof” Dan suggested, “why not sell the processed beef?” In 1997, after just three years in Oregon, Dan became one of the original 12 shareholders of Painted Hills Natural Beef. Dan and his partner, Thom, are still running the Hashknife Ranch on which they are running around 480 head of black Angus cattle. Now that Dan is the business development representative for Painted Hills Natural Beef, he gets to travel and tell the actual true story behind Painted Hills. In late June of 2022, Dan traveled to San Francisco and Sacramento with their distributor, Corfini Gourmet. He spent several days traveling to different restaurants explaining to the owners and chefs what Painted Hills is all about and why their beef stands out above and beyond the rest. When Dan was asked the question, where do you see Painted Hills in the future? Dan said, “I hope that Painted Hills remains successful and will be passed down to many future generations to come.” Dan is extremely proud of what Painted Hills has become and says, “There’s an ‘untold’ story that makes Painted Hills so unique and completely incomparable to any other beef company in the industry.” If you are interested in knowing more about Painted Hills Natural Beef you can visit them at, or call (541) 763-2333, because it’s “Beef the way nature intended.”

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